Do you offer martial arts videos?

We believe that videos can play a vital supportive role in your and your child's martial arts development.

The following forms and self-defense videos are educational, and instructional. It will take you step by step through your form or self-defense explaining every stance, and block to help you learn your form as if you were in a live class. After that instructional part you will be shown the form in the right speed to help you build consistence and momentum.

The Videos are available for downloading for $4.99 (self-defense) and $9.99 (forms) . Only enrolled USTA students may purchase videos.  The purchase Videos click on Download Videos then go the Products (on the left hand side bar) to view clips.

If you have not received the user name and password from USTA, please call Richardson location at 972-238-7073 /Allen at 469-632-0828, or email us at and we'll send you a user name and password.

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